10.5 MW Landfill Gas-Fueled Power Plant - Roosevelt, Washington

10.5 MW Description of Project
NEPCO engineered and constructed a 10.5 MW landfill gas fueled power plant at a remote landfill site in Roosevelt, Washington. The facility incorporated five reciprocating internal combustion engines that burn filtered, dried and compressed landfill gas.


  • Five landfill gas fired reciprocating engines 
  • Gas cleaning and compression system 
  • Control systems and switchgear

Scope of Work

Engineering, procurement, construction and startup

Seven months from notice to proceed to final completion completed in 1999

Approx. EPC value $12M


Project controls to include preparation of CPM schedules with primavera (P3); cost controls; cash-flow management; change order management; forecasting; tracking of installed quantities; earned value management and other project controls efforts.

*This project was performed by principal of the firm


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