85 MW Simple Cycle Dual-Fuel Power Plant - Bowling Green, Florida

85 MW Bowling GreenDescription of Project
The 85 MW Bowling Green facility is an expansion of hardee power station. It involved the addition of a GE PG7121EA combustion gas turbine in simple cycle, designed to burn natural gas and no. 2 fuel oil to the existing facility.

One GE PG7121EA dry low nox combustion gas and no.2 fuel oil turbine generator set

Scope of Work
Engineering, procurement, construction and startup

Six months from full notice to proceed to commercial operation completed in 2000

Approx. EPC value $30M


Project controls to include preparation of CPM schedules (P3); cost controls; cash-flow management; change order management; forecasting; tracking of installed quantities; earned value management and other project controls efforts.

*This project was performed by principal of the firm


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