Synchro Software Ltd “P&M is an authorized Service Partner”

Synchro’s power comes from providing the ability to efficiently work in a VISUAL scheduling environment with all the elements of Gantt chart CPM scheduling but with the added 3D window to see the project build over time. Use the simulation to review, troubleshoot, VALIDATE, and improve the schedule from a “what makes sense” and “how can we do this better” perspective. Synchro’s capability to retain links in the master schedule ensures the integrity of the critical path in the planning and scheduling process.

Myriad™ - Total Cost Management Enterprise Software

Myriad™ is designed to manage integrated project delivery; estimates; budgets; trends and cost controls; earned value management; forecasting; variance and change controls; integrated scheduling; risk register and risk based estimating (range estimating). Myriad is a product developed and maintained by P&M. 


Myriad Method


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