About Us

Planning and Management Services, Inc. “P&M” was founded in August 2002 and is an established small business enterprise providing specialized project delivery services.  

  • The guiding purpose of P&M: To share our experiences to "optimize utilization of resources to improve quality of life"
  • Our goal and what it feels like: To be recognized as the preferred nationwide partner and employer in project delivery; providing exciting and dynamic opportunities (P&M's vision)
  • What business we are in, and how we provide value: We provide specilalized cradle-to-completion project delivery services by utilizing P&M processes, technology and total cost management best practices to optimize project outcomes (P&M's mission)
  • What we stand for is defined by our values:
    • Contribute to Success
    • Demonstrate Integrity
    • Exercise Professionalism
    • Honor Relationships


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