King County WTD - South Plant Raw Sewage Pumps (RSP) Medium Voltage Switchgear Replacement

The purpose of this contract is to provide project planning, a review of the Basis of Design Report, existing transformer assessment, preliminary and final design engineering, services during construction, and related services to King County (KC) Department of Wastewater Treatment (WTD) for the South Plant Raw Sewage Pump (RSP) Medium Voltage Switchgear Replacement Project.

P&M prepared construction cost estimates & schedules in accordance with the King County WTD Estimating & Schedule Guidelines during alternative design and final design phases. P&M documented all assumptions used in cost estimates and reasons for cost changes between each level of design.
1. Prepare class 4, 3, 2 and 1 opinion of probable construction cost for each design submittal
2. Prepare draft Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)
3. Provide a Basis of Estimate (BoE) with each estimate documenting cost assumptions and reasons for cost changes from the previous estimates

Project Duration






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