King County WTD - North Mercer Island Interceptor and Enatai Interceptor Upgrade Project

Phase 1 entails multidisciplinary engineering services to develop conveyance systems alternatives consisting of pipeline alternatives and conceptual pump station designs. An Alternatives Analysis Report will be developed documenting the alternatives evaluation criteria; the process used to identify the initial alternatives and in screening and narrowing the Best Apparent Alternatives; and, the recommended final alternative for the project. Phase 2 entails the pre-design and final design services of the selected alterative in phase 1.

P&M is providing cost estimating and scheduling services during the alternative analysis, pre-design and final design phases of this project

P&M is part of the consultant team, led by TetraTech, selected by the King County Wastewater Treatment Division to Construction to prepare the North Mercer Island Interceptor and Enatai Interceptor convey the 20-year peak wastewater flows projected through the year 2060 from service areas in North Mercer island, the southwest portion of Bellevue, and the town of Beaux Arts Village. The project is anticipated to be implemented in phases as follows:

Phase I - Alternative Analysis
Phase II - Predesign and Final Design
Phase III - Services during Construction

Project Duration





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